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The feedback from our Investors

Alexander Melan

The project millionaires in sneakers is truly unique and cannot be compared with most other socamusic constantly opening and working exclusively on a pyramid scheme where the last pay for the success of the first. In this project everything is different! And the uniqueness of the tool that implements automatic trading on Forex market. The tool is created according to a specific algorithm and trades on the 4 types of asset which in turn gives a significant effect and growing profits! Thank you very much for creating such a gorgeous project, Vladimir , the man who gave the opportunity for ordinary people to feel confident,free and self-sufficient! I'm sure in serious long term and serious project!!!

Vasily Stavkin

Over the last 2-3 years I have tried many ways of earning online, but no stability, and even more profit is not received. On this project I learned 2 months ago. As familiar with its founder, to join him without hesitation. During this time my contribution by reinvesting profits increased by 76%! At this rate, by the end of January, contributions will increase by almost 3 times. Not bad, I think. I have big plans for this project, and I am sure that everything will turn out! Even if the project is thriving, and so will we!

Alexander Nazuk

All good time of day! I'm one of the investors of the project "Millionaires in sneakers". Want to write your own review about this project. The project started from the end of September and two weeks later, already as a three months project "the Millionaires in sneakers" steadily and successfully working. And the project is still developing, and very well. Vladimir Romanov-the administrator of the project, monitors the financial events and trades the Forex market with the greatest benefit to investors, thereby paying at the beginning of each week, the maximum percentage for that he thanks a lot! I know Vladimir Romanov personally and tell You that this person each to fit the case responsibly and seriously. Everyone who monitors and reviews the project as an additional income, then cast away all doubts, the project really works and everything is stable. All good luck and profit, and you Volodya thank you again, we are always with you and everything will be OK!!!

Sergey Alekseev (Web developer)

On the Internet I work for a long time. Have seen a lot of pyramid schemes, HYIPs, and so on. With the founder accidentally docked, Vladimir needed a website for his ideas. At first I thought that another failed project, but because I needed the money, undertook the development of the project. Developing the project looked like a success move, to my surprise, the successes were real and not small. Upon completion of the work and delivery of the project, decided that I should join and try it, and here already and the first payment was. Thank you for a real job. Good luck and prosperity.

Andrew Greco

Hello everyone! I'm a simple guy, I work 5/2, participated in many projects, like mercury, a few HYIPs where large % are also not supported. Vladimir is also clear how the same percentage, and he owns it, everybody heard about Forex, if someone doesn't know what it is, proguglite)) At the expense of the project, all clearly and quickly, at the end of each day % of earnings at the end of each week, my amount of interest, I do not infer so far that %, because I am sure that he had gone there, where he had to go) I Wish the project prosperity and a very, very long.All good and profit!)